22 abril 2014

É o fim da Model Power

Infelizmente meu primeiro post depois de tanto tempo é para dar uma triste notícia: o fim da Model Power, fabricante americana que depois de 50 anos sucumbiu às mudanças e pressões do mercado. Eis o comunicado oficial (que pode ser traduzido usando a opção "Selecione o idioma" acima): "Dear Model Power Customers, After nearly 50 years serving the hobby industry, our 3rd generation family business will closing effective immediately. In 2007, our banks began an aggressive deleveraging process. They no longer approved of a profitable and paying client such as ours, which had been reliant on inventory. This is why one of the industry's most extensive lines, had begun to see much of its products unavailable on the market. Now it will no longer be seen at all. During these past 7 years, we had made changes to the business in order to accommodate and adjust to the changing nature of the business relationship with our lenders. We had offered multiple solutions to our lenders in order to "fix" our situation, all were rejected, came with different restrictions, or offered to little too late. In all our efforts, no arrangements by our lenders would allow for Model Power to arrive at a position in which we could get back to fill our customer needs. We would like to take the time to thank all of those whom we have worked with the past 50 years. To our customers and competitors within the industry, we thank you. Sincerely, The Model Power Family"


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